Hilltop Pastures Family Farm

For several years now we’ve participated in a meat CSA that is truly “mom and pop” style farming.  Over the years the CSA program has changed and we have tried support them as we could. We first discovered them at a farmers market via a friend. Since they are such a small scale farm, they changed their delivery process. One thing that has been consistent is the CSA family farm visit day. The kiddos love farms as much as they love trains. So we went.

The farmers told us that the extremely wet season has been more difficult with the grasses growing so quickly. (So far it has been the second wettest year in written history for the Twin Cities.) Their goats love the thistles while the sheep and cattle love the clover and other soft grasses. They alternate pastures to keep the grasses in good shape.

It was also interesting to see the animals intermingling a bit without issues. They have a guard dog that is bonded to the sheep and goats rather than humans so stays with them and protects them from predators like foxes and coyotes. We did not see the pigs but later on we saw the cattle on the other side of the farm. They like the sheep were a bit shy.

The kiddos still mention their visit to the farm on the top of a hill. Baby Willow loved seeing the sheep. Kid Willow loved seeing all the animals.  C and I enjoyed the visit with the farmers and seeing the farm. The farmers love what they do. They care about their animals and it shows. It was a great visit.

Bye for now.

(Please note that many people have different dietary needs or wishes for various reasons. We are sharing a visit, not opening up for judgement on how one should eat.)

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