Lake Mille Lacs

On our drive home from northern Minnesota, we stopped near Garrison, Minnesota. There was a lookout point for Lake Mille Lacs. It was a large lake. We could not see the other side of the lake from our viewpoint. According to the plaque on the flag post, the lake covers 200 square miles on the surface.

We saw seagulls resting from their hunt. Swallows flying and even resting on the small boulders alone. We all were a bit snap happy at this one viewpoint for this rather large lake.

jen (244)Then again a lake known for its walleye fishing should have a large statue of a walleye fish nearby.

It is well worth taking a breath and stopping at the viewpoint at Garrsion, MN. It was one of the more peaceful times of the trip for me.

Bye for now.

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