Peppers and Fries

So the three of us joined some friends at a new restaurant in town that was open about a week or two, Peppers and Fries. This restaurant follows the pattern of Minneapolis businesses in using existing older buildings and repurposing them. In this case it was an old convenience store without the gas/petrol pumps. It is nice to see this location having life reintroduced into it. They did such a nice job on the interior of the restaurant.

We had such a great time chatting, I forgot to take photos of the interior. On their website they have very good photos and are not misleading.

The server we had was excellent. She was prompt, friendly, attentive without being annoying, and informative. She even helped us with ideas.

For those with a gluten issue or even are vegan there are options for you that are clearly stated in the menu. They also serve locally made beers, ice cream and pies as well. Everyone ordered something different. I enjoyed my meal. C seemed to enjoy his meal and a slice of apple pie a la mode (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.)

The owners are a father-daughter team. They love baseball and it shows. The west wall of the restaurant is a legitimate baseball scoreboard. There are black and white images on the walls. The servers place their orders through a larger window.

The place is clean and family friendly. I saw a few others with wee ones along with them. I would say this is a place I would like to return to some time. A pleasant lunch out with friends. In fact, the server said we could stay a bit longer. They weren’t busy by the time we finished our meals. So we had a great chat after we ate. Then again, it was a lull in business and we would not have if they were busy at that time.

Please pardon the quality of the photos, we took the photos with our phones. We seriously were distracted by the good time.

Bye for now.

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