Day Trip to Manly, Iowa

C needed to run an errand to the tiny town of Manly, Iowa. When he returned he showed me photos of the cute “downtown” area of this town with a population of about 1000 people.

There were several little spots that caught his attention. He took a few pictures of: a little store called the Rusty Nickel, the main street, the active freight train tracks, a couple of train vehicles, and the like. There is a little post office, a library, railroad museum, and a golf country club. For those that need to top up the fuel in their car a standard Casey’s gas/petrol station is in town. There was even one building with a gallery but it had several purposes from tanning to a snack shop. Nothing like unique places in small town America.

So if you are interested in going off the interstate/motorway, it might be worth a short stop. Who knows the Rusty Nickel might have something you can’t find anywhere else. You could eat at the cafe, or have a packed meal in the little park might be a good break. Please note it is mid-December in the Upper Midwest. Snow is present (and possibly Snow-geese too).


Bye for now.

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