University of Minnesota Volleyball

C writing this one.  I ended up going with my father-in-law to watch some college volleyball at the weekend, an NCAA Championship second round game between the University of Minnesota and University of Colorado.  Having not grown up in a world where university sport at any level get much attention, let alone a sport such as volleyball, it was an interesting experience to go. Also, having never really watched volleyball before, I learned a decent bit about the game – I had a vague understanding of the rules of course, but it was interesting to see it in action and also to see the roles of the people on the teams, the rotation of players, and ultimately, several points containing some top-notch volleyball skills.

The sports pavilion feels like an old building, but suited volleyball perfectly with it’s size.  It was a little awkward to get to, connected to another arena that all the various online maps had labelled, but none labelled the sports pavilion around the back.

Anyway, ultimately, Minnesota won in the 15 point 5th set, and progressed to the next round.  Maybe that’s been played, maybe it’s still to come, but either way, I enjoyed my evening at the volleyball. Here’s a few photo’s from the game. Minnesota in white and Colorado in gold.

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